Your Wheels, Our Protection

Welcome to Velocite Wheels, where we believe in providing the ultimate protection for your carbon wheels. Our Carbon Wheel Maintanence Package is tailored to offer you peace of mind, keeping your cycling adventures worry-free.

Maintenance Details.

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Why have maintenance

Knowing that your carbon wheels are safeguarded provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your rides.

Our quick and easy add to basket process means you can get started in minutes, ensuring that your wheels are maintained from day one.

Your Trust, Our Commitment:

At Velocite Wheels, we're committed to earning and maintaining your trust. We understand that our customers are at the heart of our business, and we take your satisfaction seriously. Our Carbon Wheel maintenance package is just one way we're demonstrating our dedication to your cycling experience.

How it works

At Velocite, we are excited to offer an exclusive carbon wheel maintenance packages to enhance the performance and longevity of your cycling investment.

Add this package to your basket during your wheelset purchase and we will do the rest! providing you with immediate service perks for your carbon wheels.

Monthly Payments

Flexible Maintenance Packages: Affordable Monthly Option

With Velo-cite, we offer Flexible Maintenance Packages tailored to suit your cycling needs. For a budget-friendly monthly fee, you can access comprehensive coverage for your Velo-cite equipment. Our goal is to make quality maintenance accessible to all our valued customers.

Key Features:

1. Affordable Monthly Option:

We prioritise affordability to make premium maintenance accessible. Enjoy the convenience of a budget-friendly monthly payment options for 3 of our plans for your Velo-cite equipment. This is covered by Paypal and Klarana

2. Flexible Payment Options:

Choose the payment plan that suits you best, whether it's a one-time upfront payment or the ease of monthly instalments. Velo-cite is here to cater to your maintenance preferences. This is covered by Paypal and Klarana

The Packages

Knowing that your carbon wheels are maintenance protected provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your rides.

Gold Package

Gold Package - £149 Per Year


Our Gold Package is the pinnacle of carbon wheel protection, offering a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your prised carbon wheels not only endure but perform at their absolute best. With the Gold Package, you'll enjoy an array of premium benefits:

Comprehensive Wheel Inspection: Our expert technicians conduct a rigorous examination of your carbon wheels, leaving no detail overlooked. We meticulously assess factors such as rim trueness, spoke tension, and overall wheel alignment, ensuring that your wheels are in impeccable condition.

Full Wheel Rebuild: When it comes to refurbishment, our commitment to excellence shines through. We go above and beyond to provide a complete wheel rebuild service, making your wheels feel as good as new. Our technicians disassemble, clean, and reassemble your wheels, paying meticulous attention to every spoke and nipple.

Rim Tape Correction: Your tire-to-rim interface is of utmost importance for both safety and performance. Our specialists expertly correct and optimize the rim tape to guarantee a secure and reliable connection. This to be fully replaced.

Carbon Strength Test: The structural integrity of your carbon wheels is paramount. We utilize cutting-edge technology to conduct a comprehensive carbon strength test, ensuring that your wheels are robust and dependable.

Nipple and Spokes Change on Damaged Areas: In the event of damaged spokes or nipples, our technicians replace these components, addressing issues with precision and care.

New Full Free Hub: Enhance your wheel's performance with a brand-new free hub. This upgrade ensures smoother, more efficient power transfer and a better overall riding experience.

Full Bearing Change (Ceramic Bearings): We elevate your wheel's performance with premium ceramic bearings, known for their smoothness and longevity. Your wheels will roll more effortlessly and efficiently.

New Brake Pads (Rim Brake Only): Safety is a top priority. We equip your rim brake system with brand-new brake pads, ensuring optimal stopping power.

Choose the Gold Package for the ultimate protection and performance enhancement for your carbon wheels. It's the perfect choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

Silver Package

Silver Package -£99 Per Year


The Silver Package offers a well-rounded blend of essential services to maintain your carbon wheels and provide reliability and durability. This package is designed for cyclists who seek value without compromising quality. With the Silver Package, you can expect:

Comprehensive Wheel Inspection: Regular check-ups by our experienced technicians ensure the ongoing health of your wheels. We carefully inspect rim trueness, spoke tension, and wheel alignment, preventing issues before they become significant.

Spoke Tension Check/Straightening: Maintaining proper spoke tension is vital for wheel integrity and performance. Our experts adjust and straighten spokes as needed to keep your wheels running smoothly.

Rim Tape Correction: To guarantee a secure tire fit, our technicians professionally adjust and optimize the rim tape.

Carbon Strength Test: The structural soundness of your carbon wheels is confirmed through our rigorous carbon strength testing, providing peace of mind and ensuring your wheels are built to last.

Nipple and Spokes Change on Damaged Areas: Damaged spokes or nipples are replaced promptly to maintain structural integrity.

Full Free Hub Service: Our technicians provide maintenance to keep your hub performing at its best. This service is designed to extend the life and functionality of your wheel's hub.

Full Bearing Change (Steel Ball): We replace your wheel's bearings with high-quality steel ball bearings. This ensures smooth rolling and optimal performance for your wheels.

New Brake Pads (Rim Brake Only): For rim brake systems, we equip your wheels with fresh brake pads, enhancing your safety and braking performance.

Choose the Silver Package for a well-balanced solution that offers essential protection and maintenance, keeping your carbon wheels in excellent condition.

Bronze Package

Bronze Package -£49 Per Year (12-Month Service)


The Bronze Package is an entry-level option designed for those who prioritise basic maintenance and cost-effectiveness for their carbon wheels. This package offers fundamental services to protect your investment and maintain functionality. With the Bronze Package, you'll receive:

Basic Wheel Inspection: Regular check-ups ensure the fundamental functionality of your wheels. Our technicians provide visual assessments and ensure basic wheel health.

Replacement of Serviceable Parts (if needed): When serviceable parts show signs of wear, we promptly replace them, extending the life and reliability of your carbon wheels.

Spoke Tension Check/Straightening: Maintaining proper spoke tension and alignment is essential for wheel performance and safety. Our technicians address any tension issues and straighten spokes as necessary.

Rim Tape Correction: The proper tire-to-rim interface is vital. Our professionals make sure the rim tape is adjusted and optimized for secure tire fit.

Carbon Strength Test: The structural integrity of your carbon wheels is confirmed through our basic carbon strength test, ensuring that they remain safe and dependable.

Choose the Bronze Package for a cost-effective solution that provides fundamental protection and maintenance for your carbon wheels. This package is suitable for budget-conscious cyclists who want to extend the life of their wheels without a significant financial commitment.