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The Gold Package offers the highest level of protection and performance enhancement for carbon wheels. It includes:

  1. Comprehensive Wheel Inspection: Detailed examination of the wheels by expert technicians, checking rim trueness, spoke tension, and wheel alignment.

  2. Full Wheel Rebuild: Complete disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of the wheels to restore them to like-new condition.

  3. Rim Tape Correction: Optimisation of the tire-to-rim interface for safety and performance, involving a full replacement of the rim tape.

  4. Carbon Strength Test: Advanced testing of the wheels' structural integrity to ensure robustness and reliability.

  5. Nipple and Spokes Change on Damaged Areas: Precise replacement of damaged spokes and nipples.

  6. New Full Free Hub: Installation of a new free hub to improve power transfer and riding experience.

  7. Full Bearing Change (Ceramic Bearings): Upgrading to ceramic bearings for enhanced smoothness and longevity of the wheels.

  8. New Brake Pads (Rim Brake Only): Replacement of brake pads for improved safety and optimal stopping power.

This package is designed for those who seek the best care and performance for their carbon wheels. Read More...

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