Cycling Reimagined.

At Velocite, we've been on the road since our launch in 2019. Our passion for cycling drives our commitment to delivering top-tier performance at affordable prices. We're more than just a brand we're riders who understand your needs. Our dedicated team of designers, and expert wheel technicians share our love for the sport, ensuring that we're in sync with what truly matters.

When Velocite was born, our core belief was simple: unbeatable value for our customers. Since 2019, we've proven that by consistently offering the most affordable carbon wheel-sets. And now, after five years, we've taken it a step further.

Our mission isn't just to compete; it's market redefinition. At Velocite, we set new standards for both performance and value for money.

Our Story.

Velocite Wheels was born from a passion for excellence in carbon cycling wheels. Our mission is simple: to deliver wheels that embody speed, stability, and style. Precision-engineered and performance-tested, each set of wheels is crafted to elevate your cycling experience, making every ride thrilling and efficient. Embrace the ride with Velocite Wheels—where innovation meets the open road.

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Unmatched Performance.

Our 5* Product Ratings
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We strive for sustainability
Giving back

Premier Customer Support.

Engaging with our support team through our chat ( look for the orange chat box - bottom left ) or via email at means you’re in conversation with seasoned cyclists who offer advanced technical guidance. At Velocite Wheels, our customers are the heart of our journey. We rated 85% positive feedback which shows our dedication to ensure you receive unparalleled service.

Championing Sustainability.

At Velocite Wheels, we're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint. In an age where materials are often discarded, we stand for renewal and longevity. Our Velocite delivery boxes are 70% recycled which we believe represents our commitment to sustainability. Our boxes are also made for future journeys by holding its protective structure for years to come. This is our way of contributing to a more sustainable future.

Fuelling Grassroots Cycling.

At Velocite Wheels, we believe the heart of cycling thrives in local communities and emerging teams. That's why we're committed to funding 5% of our items profitability into grassroots cycling teams. By offering support and resources, we aim to nurture budding talent and fuel the passion for cycling from the ground up. Our dedication goes beyond the race—it's about building a vibrant cycling culture and ensuring that the spirit of the sport continues to grow at every level.

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