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Our Rims

U-shape, specific design for improved Aerodynamics. Wide 21mm internal & 29mm external profile:

  • Innovative Aerodynamic Profiling: The U-shaped design of these wheels is meticulously engineered to slice through the air with minimal resistance, significantly enhancing your aerodynamic advantage.
  • Enhanced Stability: The 21mm internal and 29mm external profile offers a wider base, improving stability and control, even in crosswinds, for a more confidence-inspiring ride.
  • CFD Tested: These are undergoing rigorous CFD / wind-tunnel testing in our Portuguese base to ensure that every contour and angle is optimised for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, giving you a competitive edge in racing or riding against the clock.

High Filament (12k / 18K) Toray carbon. Unidirectional for strength with additional reinforcement at spoke holes:

  • Carbon Fibre Construction: Crafted with high filament Toray T800 carbon fibre , these wheels are built to the highest industry standards, ensuring strength, rigidity, and durability.
  • Unidirectional Excellence: The carbon fibre composition is unidirectional, meaning the fibres run parallel to one another for maximum strength and load-bearing capability. We picked our carbon layout after 5x individual Lateral stiffness tests to make sure our wheels aren't just light but also strong for 125kg and 2000w+
  • Reinforced for Durability: Extra reinforcement at the spoke holes fortifies the wheel's structure, preventing spoke pull-through and enhancing the wheel's longevity, even under demanding riding conditions.

Optimised TG (Glass Transition) resin used to produce a super lightweight, responsive, low void carbon for increased performance:

  • Advanced Resin Technology: The use of an optimised TG resin, with a carefully tuned glass transition temperature, results in a carbon matrix that is exceptionally lightweight, responsive, and highly resistant to deformation.
  • Minimised Void Formation: The low void carbon structure ensures that the carbon matrix is as solid as possible, reducing any inconsistencies in the material and enhancing overall performance.
  • Unparalleled Responsiveness: The combination of advanced resin and low void carbon creates a wheel-set that responds to your every pedal stroke, giving you a tangible edge in terms of acceleration and control.
Our Hubs

Standout features

  • Velocite Ratchet EXP best features is its compatibility with all major standards, making it a versatile choice for cyclists of various preferences. It caters to Shimano enthusiasts as well as SRAM users with 10, 11, and 12-speed drivetrains. Furthermore, it extends its compatibility to Campagnolo and XDR standards, ensuring that no matter your setup, the Velocite Ratchet EXP hub has you covered.
  • The heart of this remarkable system lies in its Ratchet Disc, which integrates 36/60 teeth into a threaded ring. This innovative design not only enhances engagement but also simplifies the system by reducing the number of parts required. This is achieved through the utilisation of a single spring, ensuring a smoother and more efficient performance. The result is a free hub system that offers rapid response and impeccable power transfer.
  • The Velocite Ratchet EXP hub also embraces a Straight-Pull design, enhancing strength and stiffness while minimising weight. This design choice not only ensures that your energy is transferred directly to the wheel but also guarantees exceptional durability.
  • In the pursuit of perfection, this system features 4-D precision-drilled spoke holes. These holes are meticulously crafted, enhancing the structural integrity of the hub and optimising weight distribution. The fully CNC'd rounded design further exemplifies the commitment to precision, ensuring every component is flawlessly crafted.
Our Spokes

Apex Carbon Straight Pull Spoke:

  • Introducing the Apex Carbon Straight Pull Spoke: The pinnacle of advanced spoke technology, tailored for cyclists who demand the best. Crafted from high-grade carbon fibre, these spokes set a new standard in performance cycling. Their straight pull design ensures a direct and efficient force transfer, significantly improving responsiveness and power delivery. The unique carbon composition provides exceptional strength and durability, dramatically reducing the chances of bending or snapping under high tension. These spokes are remarkably lightweight, contributing to a noticeable reduction in overall wheel weight without compromising on stability. With dimensions meticulously optimised for peak performance, the Apex Carbon Straight Pull Spokes are a true testament to innovation in wheel engineering.

The Pillar wing 20 spoke

  • Cutting-edge, high-performance spoke designed to surpass existing premium spokes. Inspired by aircraft nose cones, it boasts unrivalled aerodynamic efficiency. Its one-piece, butted construction minimises weak points and enhances rigidity, reducing the risk of twisting or breakage during tensioning. With widths from 2.0-2.3mm.

3D-Force spokes

  • Precision is key. This unique combination significantly enhances spoke fatigue resistance, making your wheels outlast the competition.

World Leading Strength

  • PSR spoke is four times stronger than standard spokes.  PSR has been developed by Pillar Spokes over the years, making Pillar the industry leader for both aftermarket and OEM alike.


  • Achieves maximum grip without the need for thread lock. The upper portion of the threads on the nipple are tapered inward to lock the spoke in place during the wheel build. This also means that spokes will stay tight with use. 16mm length for a strong connection to the spoke added durability.


  • A patented hardening process that adds strength to the nipples that will prevent scaring during building or service. M-Power also increases resistance to corrosion.

Our Bearings

LDrag Breakdown

  • We understand that every cyclist has unique needs. That's why our high-performance LDrag bearings offer you it all. Feel the improvements with increased load capacities, premium sealing, ceramic lubrication method.
  • Smooth and Silent Riding: High-performance bearings are your ticket to a smoother and quieter ride. Our bearings are engineered to reduce noise and vibration, ensuring that your cycling experience is not just efficient but also enjoyable.
  • Exceptional Speed and Precision: If you're seeking optimal speed and precision in your cycling, our high-performance bearings are the perfect choice. They are meticulously crafted for applications demanding minimal vibration and precise control, making them ideal for both casual riders and competitive cyclists.
  • Durability in All Conditions: We know that your cycling adventures can take you through a variety of environments. That's why our high-performance bearings are built to withstand extreme conditions. Whether you're conquering mountain trails, racing on the road, or touring in varying temperatures, these bearings ensure reliable performance.
  • Maintenance Simplified: Maintenance shouldn't be a hassle. Our maintenance packages have you covered all season round.
Other Technical Data

Precision Braking in Any Weather

  • The Hyperdrive Xtrack technology is your assurance of precision braking, no matter what the weather has in store for your ride. The big step was to choose the most suitable materials for our brake track. This involved sourcing advanced materials that could withstand heat, moisture, and other environmental factors while maintaining high performance. Xtrack is a multi-layered Basalt surface thats been layered 2x more than our previous hyperdrive wheel-sets. This means better braking performance and longer durability.
  • In-House Brake Pad Expertise: To complement the Hyperdrive Xtrack technology, we've designed our brake pads in-house. This means that every aspect of your braking system is optimised to perform in all riding conditions. Our brake pads are engineered to deliver the stopping power you need when you need it, ensuring your safety and control. Other approved pads are Swissstop Flash Pro Yellow Carbon Rim Brake Pads

Rim Overview .

  • U-shape ,specific design for improved Aerodynamics.Wide 21mm internal & 29mm external profile.
  • Tubeless ready design, gives you the option to have increased puncture resistance, faster-rolling wheels and improved weight.
  • High Filament(12k / 18K)Toray carbon fibre. Unidirectional for strength with additional reinforcement at spoke holes.
  • Optimised TG (Glass Transition) resin used to produce a super lightweight, responsive, low void carbon for increased performance.
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Hub Overview.

  • Velocite ratchet EXP hub system with 36/60 teeth engagement
  • Available in all major standards: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo XDR 10,11,12 speed compatible
  • Ratchet Disc, The 36/60t ratchet system with the threaded ring allows for a smaller number of parts due to the use of a single spring.
  • Straight-Pull design.
  • 4-D precision drilled spoke holes, fully CNC'd rounded design.
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Spokes Overview.

  • High Strength super lightweight UD carbon spokes.
  • Straight-pull for increased torsional strength
  • For nipples, we use Pillars Patented TG Lock square head so the nipples are locked into place.
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Bearing Overview.

  • LDrag Bearings: Featuring delicately manufactured steal bearings (Upgrades possible), their unique design means extremely lower amounts of friction.
  • High Quality stainless steel bearings which doesn't rust or corrode.
  • Aqua Grease: Repels water and allows your bearings to spin smoothly in the long term.
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Included With Wheels .

  • Pre taped rims for easy tubeless setup.
  • Our specially developed tubeless valves designed to work seamlessly with our wheelsets.
  • One spare spoke for each different length on your chosen wheelset
  • Brake pads and QR if applicable
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