Bronze Maintenance Package - £49 Per Year (12-Month Service)

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The Bronze Package is an entry-level, cost-effective option for basic maintenance of carbon wheels. It includes:

  1. Basic Wheel Inspection: Routine visual assessments by technicians to ensure the fundamental functionality and health of the wheels.

  2. Replacement of Serviceable Parts (if needed): Prompt replacement of any worn serviceable parts to extend the life and reliability of the carbon wheels.

  3. Spoke Tension Check/Straightening: Addressing tension issues and straightening spokes to maintain wheel performance and safety.

  4. Rim Tape Correction: Adjustment and optimization of rim tape for a secure tire fit.

  5. Carbon Strength Test: A basic test to confirm the structural integrity of the carbon wheels, ensuring they remain safe and dependable.

This package is ideal for budget-conscious cyclists seeking fundamental protection and maintenance for their carbon wheels, focusing on extending their lifespan without a large financial investment. Read More...

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