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Wheel Combination


        Key Specs.
        • Aerodynamic Design: The HYPER V Wheel features a 23mm wide profile, optimising aerodynamics for both time trials and track racing. This profile ensures reduced air drag, allowing racers to maintain higher speeds with less effort.
        • Lightweight Carbon Construction: Made using high-modulus carbon fiber, the Hyperv wheel strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight, making it perfect for riders who want a responsive and agile disc wheel without compromising on durability.
        • Optimised for Speed: As the name suggests, the "HyperV" is designed for Speed. Its wider rim profile offers better tire support, making it suitable for both traditional track racing and time trials.
        Bike Compatibility.

        The Velocite Allroad Wheelset, with its innovative design and features, is compatible with a broad range of bicycles. Specifically designed for road cyclists, these wheels can be fitted onto traditional road bikes, time trial bikes, and even certain gravel bikes due to their wider rim profile. The tubeless-ready feature also ensures that they can be paired with bikes designed for both standard and tubeless tires.

        Warranty + crash replacement.
        • Duration:
          The Velocite Allroad Wheelset comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
        • Coverage:
          This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Velocite will either repair the wheelset at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts or replace the wheelset with a new one.
        • Exclusions:
          The warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse, neglect, unauthorized modifications, or use not in accordance with the official instructions provided.

        For full information please view our T&C's page.

        Wheel Combination


        Offers a distinct fusion of streamlined aerodynamics combined with an impressively light structure. Crafted for the demands of the track, this rear disc wheel's primary aim is to deliver unmatched speed, a feat made possible through its bespoke carbon composition. Each of our disc wheels embodies meticulous design, all conceived and refined in the UK for maximum track efficiency.


        Employing state-of-the-art CFD techniques and validated against real-world feedback, the HYPER-V track disc emerges as the zenith of aerodynamic innovation. The nuanced contours of both the drive and non-drive sides have been expertly crafted to minimise aerodynamic drag, especially from interactions with the frame and adjacent components. To capitalise on this wheel's design, we suggest pairing it with 30mm tyres for optimal performance on the track.


        Each HYPER-V track wheel package comes ready for tubular tyres using a specific tubular rim bed.

        • Weight Rear: 1100g±30g
        • Weight Front: 890g±30g
        • Shell material: Advanced UD carbon laminate
        • Bearings: Ceramic Grade 3 bearings
        • Rim width external: 23mm
        • Rim width internal: 21mm
        • Recommended nominal tyre type: Tubular
        • Recommended nominal tyre width: 23mm
        • Spindle type: Track spindle for fixed gear cogs
        • Weight limit (rider): 125kg


        Designed with compatibility in mind, the HYPER-V track disc is tailored for fixed gear cogs. It remains imperative that tubular tyres are correctly installed by a seasoned cycling technician to guarantee both safety and optimal functionality.