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Please note: We're expecting preorders to be shipped by MARCH 4TH WEEK. To get your hands on a set from the next batch, you can Pre-Order by Buying in Full/using a payment plan through PayPal.

Key Specs.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The Velocite Allroad Wheelset features a 50mm deep profile, optimising aerodynamics for both gravel and road racing. This depth ensures reduced air drag, allowing you to maintain higher speeds with less effort.
  • Lightweight Carbon Construction: Made using high-modulus carbon fiber, the Allroad wheelset strikes an ideal balance between strength and weight, making it perfect for riders who want a responsive and agile set of wheels without compromising on durability.
  • Optimised for Mixed Terrain: As the name suggests, the "Allroad" is designed for diverse road conditions. Its wider rim profile offers better tire support, making it suitable for both traditional road tires and wider options for gravel or mixed terrains.
Bike Compatibility.

The Velocite Allroad Wheelset, with its innovative design and features, is compatible with a broad range of bikes. Specifically designed for road and gravel cyclists, these wheels can be fitted onto traditional road and gravel bikes due to their wider rim profile. The tubeless-ready setup also ensures that they will perform on all surfaces

Warranty + crash replacement.
  • Duration:
    The Velocite Allroad Wheelset comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Coverage:
    This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Click here to read more

For full information please view our T&C's page.

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Model Comparison




Priced competitively our 50mm Allroad gravel/CX wheelset offers a stellar blend of weight, strength, and affordability. Why give away aerodynamic performance benefits by choosing the HUNT 42 LIMITLESS GRAVEL AERO WHEELSET or the SCRIBE GRAVEL WIDE++ 40 CARBON WHEELSET when our ALLROAD delivers better performance well retaining our infamous 50mm profile? 


Presenting the 50mm Allroad gravel/CX wheelset - crafted for riders who demand not just speed but unyielding performance on gravel. This wheelset is not just about conquering terrains but owning them. Venturing off-road? The Allroad promises the dynamic grip, superior comfort, and that raw thrill you seek.

Featuring a depth of 50mm, these wheels are designed for optimum stability, especially on gravel and uneven terrains. The wider 29mm profile adds that much-needed balance and confidence, allowing riders to navigate corners and descents with precision.

  • Rims | Toray Carbon Design Crafted with passion and precision by our dedicated data team. Drawing inspiration from cutting-edge aerodynamic principles, the Allroad 50mm showcases unparalleled stability, even in demanding conditions. This is achieved by using our Hyperdrive technology using a combination of its 21mm internal and 29mm external width alongside a defining 60mm profile.
  • Bearings | The Heartbeat of Smoothness At the core of our wheelset efficiency is key this is achieved by the Ldrag bearing system. Tested for its low-friction, it ensures that every ounce of your effort is transformed into forward motion. This isn’t just about speed it’s about redefining the riding experience. More miles and less maintenance allow for cheaper running costs for your performance addition.
  • Compatible Tyre Options The beauty of our Allroad technology lies in its versatility. While the rim is tailored for 35-40mm tyres, its adaptability doesn't end there. Whether you're looking for the efficiency of a 35mm or the ruggedness of a 40mm, the Allroad 50mm has you covered. Additionally, its tubeless-ready design ensures compatibility with both clincher and tubeless tyres, offering riders a spectrum of choices. 
  • Hubs | The Nexus of Performance The heart of this remarkable system lies in its Ratchet Disc, which integrates 36 teeth into a threaded ring. This innovative design not only enhances engagement but also simplifies the system by reducing the number of parts required. This is achieved through the utilisation of a single spring, ensuring a smoother and more efficient performance. The result is a free hub system that offers rapid response and impeccable power transfer.
  • Aero-Optimised Spokes In our quest for perfection, even the spokes were analysed. We chose Pillar wing spokes known for their low drag profile ensuring that they cut through the air, minimising resistance and enhancing wheel performance.
  • Axles | Universally Adaptive Understanding the diverse needs of riders our axles are designed for 12mm thru-axles with the use of our in-house adaption kit they can accommodate quick release and 16mm thru-axles. Regardless of your equipment, our axle design promises a snug fit, enhancing stability and ride confidence. 
  • Hand-Crafted Precision The Allroad 50mm wheelset is not just machine-made, It's artisan-crafted. Each set is hand-assembled in the UK, ensuring every detail is perfect and undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee peak offroad performance. We back this with our 2-year guarantee see T&Cs here.
  • Weight | Engineering Elegance Weighing in at a mere 1485g, the Allroad 50mm wheelset is a marvel of engineering, blending lightweight construction with robust performance at an affordable price. Pound for pound these wheels will not be beaten. 

In the world of gravel riding, the right equipment can make all the difference. Our 50mm Allroad gravel wheelset is built to be your trusty companion on those untamed trails. The meticulous design aids in minimising drag, allowing riders to tackle headwinds with ease. Every pedal, every grind, takes you further, faster.

Using advanced computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we've perfected a wheelset that's a class apart. Designed to slice through the wind and rough patches with equal prowess. Why stick to the beaten path when you can create your own?


Priced competitively our 50mm Allroad gravel/CX wheelset offers a stellar blend of weight, strength, and affordability. Why give away aerodynamic performance benefits by choosing the HUNT 42 LIMITLESS GRAVEL AERO WHEELSET or the SCRIBE GRAVEL WIDE++ 40 CARBON WHEELSET when our ALLROAD delivers better performance well retaining our infamous 50mm profile? 

Ratchet Hub Sytem

Explore What Makes Us Different.

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Our signature ratchet system

The core of this advanced system is the Ratchet Disc, featuring a 36 or 60 teeth threaded ring. This design boosts engagement while streamlining the mechanism by minimising part count, using just one spring for smoother, more efficient operation. The outcome is a free hub system delivering swift response and superior power transfer.

Straight-Pull design

The hub also embraces a Straight-Pull design, enhancing strength and stiffness while minimising weight. This design choice not only ensures that your energy is transferred directly to the wheel but also guarantees exceptional durability.

Rim Specs

Our Rims

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Our rims

Innovative Aerodynamic Profiling: The U-shaped design of these wheels is meticulously engineered to slice through the air with minimal resistance, significantly enhancing your aerodynamic advantage. Enhanced Stability: The 21mm internal and 29mm external profile offers a wider base, improving stability and control, even in crosswinds, for a more confidence-inspiring ride.

Offset Drillings

The offset spoke holes in our carbon rim enhance performance and longevity. This design evenly distributes spoke tension, crucial for carbon's rigidity and efficiency. It boosts lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, offering a responsive yet smooth ride. Additionally, it minimises rear wheel dish, improving handling and reducing stress on spokes and rims, leading to stronger, high-performing wheels.